About Tami

Hi I’m Tami,

When I hit my 40’s, like you, I felt frustrated. I felt I was doing all the right things, eating less and exercising more and yet, on the inside I felt fatter than ever!  I just couldn’t seem to budge the weight. I was tired, stressed, anxious and even, depressed I get it, I really do.

Tamara Harris – My Story

In my early 40’s found myself overworked, stressed, unable to sleep (like EVER)  waking up exhausted, profusely sweating during the night, over training and under eating to keep my weight down and to stay fit and above all, trying to please everyone else and putting myself last.  I found myself anxious, overwhelmed, unmotivated and even a bit depressed. THIS WAS NOT ME, I struggled to fight it and something had to be done!


In truth, I had always been quite fit and lean and I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me!  I wasn’t used to having to ask for help but I knew I needed help because I wanted to be healthy and feel “right” again.

It turns out I was struggling with stress, hormone stress and metabolic distress and I had no idea!   I had also become weight loss resistant. After successfully treating myself through diet, exercise and natural health supplements, I began to share my knowledge  and coach other busy women in their mid 40’s and beyond who felt exactly as I did… stressed, time poor, exhausted, and weight loss resistant feel better than ever, just how they should feel leading into the prime of their lives. 

I want to be the fit, healthy, happy and focused mum and wife my family deserve
(plus it helps if my husband thinks I’m hot) and I know that I need to be consistent in order for that to happen for me.

Why Work With Me

I want you to feel great in your clothes. I want you to feel calm, happy, healthy, rested, energetic and “balanced” again.  I want this for all of my friends and women all around the world. There is no reason that we shouldn’t all be looking and feeling AMAZING, be sleeping soundly and waking up energized to face the day and get more out of it.  To achieve these things, without feeling like you are going without, is a dream that is possible for all of us.

If your metabolism no longer responds to diet and exercise, then you need to deal with the fat storing aspects of stress and you need an entirely different diet and exercise approach.  I can teach you how. All you need to do is schedule a free private one on one private consult with me today.

Even if you are not sure if this is right for you, I encourage you to click the button and book a private, one on one free coaching session , we can chat about you and your goals and whether  The Metabolise Me program is right for you.

Understand Your Metabolism, Never Diet Again.

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